MC Hammer Owes $800,000 in Back Taxes

The federal government is suing the entertainer for failing to file income taxes in 1996 and 1997. 

M.C. Hammer

Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for TechCrunch/AOL

Stanley K. Burrell, better known as MC Hammer, and his wife, Stephanie, are being slapped with a federal lawsuit for failing to file 1996 and 1997 income taxes, TMZ reports.

The duo apparently racked up a $798,033.48 bill but might not have such an easy time paying it off, since the rapper’s prime is long gone. His last major album dropped more than a decade ago.

According to TMZ, every dime Hammer earns from now on has to go directly to the Treasury Department until his debt is paid. Unlike other tax-evading celebs who have been put in jail for failure to pay their taxes, the rapper seems to be avoiding prison for now. 

Read more at TMZ.

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