Out and Proud: Black Gay Trailblazers

Robin Roberts joins an impressive list of celebrities and public figures who have come out.

D Dipasupil/Getty Images 

By thanking her longtime girlfriend on social media on Sunday, ABC’s Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts joined a list of influential celebrities and public figures who made history by being among the first black Americans in their respective fields to come out as gay. Here is a list of others.

Glenn Burke

Burke is credited with many things, including having a highly successful Major League Baseball career and inventing the high five, but most notably for being the first MLB player to come out—after he retired in 1980—which was no small feat for someone who played in the 1970s. 

Bayard Rustin

There would have been no March on Washington in 1963 without Rustin, one of the most influential political organizers of the civil rights movement. Besides his work as an activist, Rustin was also significant for being an LGBT trailblazer.

Sheryl Swoopes