‘Scandal’ Recap: 5 Best Quotes About Olivia

Not only did we get "Poped," but we got one crazy cliffhanger in last night's episode.

We got "Poped" by last night's episode. (ABC)
We got "Poped" by last night's episode. (ABC)

(The Root) — Turns out Mellie got it wrong. “Flyovers” and “trailer trash” aren’t the only ones who fall for a push-up bra and a mic. Olivia Pope’s a sucker, too. Stuff the president in a penguin suit, put him in front of a podium and the girl’s a goner.  

In this week’s episode of Scandal, “More Cattle, Less Bull,” our OPA heroes found themselves far from the creature comforts of the capital, traveling all the way from their posh K Street digs to a cheap motel in Montana. And while Harrison, Huck, Abby and an increasingly creepy Quinn bribed yokels into keeping quiet about a client’s dirty little secret, boss lady Olivia helped herself to some wine back at headquarters.

On the b-side, Liv’s winter boo, Jake, won’t give up his quest to take down her dad, the CEO of Murder Inc. Meanwhile, “worst lady” Mellie will do anything short of being human to get her husband re-elected, and chief of staff Cyrus is trying not to have another heart attack. In the middle of it all is Fitz, the president with penis problems, cracking jokes.

With this much drama swirling around her, Olivia could hardly get a word in edgewise. Whether she’s on-screen or off, folks just can’t seem to keep Olivia’s name out of their mouths. Here are the top five quotes of the night that prove just how fast all roads lead to Liv.

1. “We got Poped, sir.–A White House minion when OPA shows up in Montana

Google, Facebook, Skype. You know you’ve made it when your name, your brand, becomes a verb.

Pope/pope verb 1. To practice the art of being a boss 2. To shut down any plot your enemies ever even dreamed off.

Try using “pope” in a sentence the next time you’re being awesome.

2. “Olivia Pope, the gift that keeps on giving. –Cyrus after his political rival becomes a star thanks to Liv