Street Harassment: What Men Can Learn

His Side: Guys say it's just a compliment, but when a woman doesn't think so, what can he say?

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(The Root) -- 1. "Smile, girl."

2. "God bless you."

4. "Hey, beautiful."

5. "What that mouth do?"

If you know that one of these expressions is not like the others, you're a regular guy (correct answer is No. 2). If you can spot the most offensive phrase in this group, you're probably a good man (correct answer is No. 5). If you have said any of the other phrases (Nos. 1, 3 or 4), you're probably a man who considers himself a gentleman. You're the type who would never disrespect a woman. Whenever you tell a woman who's passing you by that she's beautiful, you're paying her a compliment, and there's no harm in that, right?

As a man, I am apt to agree. But you're not talking to me; you're talking to her. However well-intended your words may be, however respectful you think you are, your words are usually falling on exhausted ears. Ears that have heard it all before and hear it everyday.

Whether it's with our admiring eyes or with our words, women are fed up.

And gentlemen, they are talking bad about us.

We're perpetrators of street harassment. We don't have any home training. We don't know how to respect women. And what may be the biggest offense of them all: Our game is utterly and completely wack and unoriginal.