'Scandal' Recap: Last Night's 10 Best Quotes

In the latest episode, Mellie delivers -- again -- and the wife of a sleazy senator tries to stand by her man.

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5. "Take your files and your conspiracies and leave my office now!" --Olivia when Jake bursts into her sanctum with scandal on his brain

What is happening to our precious little, gut-checking 'Liv? Her father, head of the CIA's murder department, has got Olivia so shook that she can't think straight. Never once has this woman ever turned down a good conspiracy. Jake has his work cut out for him.


6. "I'm done waiting for a decision. You won't give me a straight answer, in or out? I'll give you one. I'm out." --David Rosen when Abby refuses to define their relationship

David has grown some major U.S. attorney cojones since season 1. Like their bosses Fitz and Olivia, David and Abby have a relationship that's always off. But in last night's episode he took the competition to a whole other level.

7. "And he has made me look like the weakest, most backwards anti-feminist this world has ever known, and that is not the poster child I am supposed to be."  --The senator's wife when she finds out her husband is a total pervert

You better tell 'em, Huma Abedin! Oh, wait.

8. "Do you think we can leave the past in the past, sir?"  --Cyrus when the president shows up at a funeral for a man he can't be connected to

Is Cy not watching the show?! There is no leaving the past behind in Scandal land. The past always comes back to bite you. The question is, how hard?

9. "You're not worried about me; you're interested! You want to know what it feels like to do the things that I do!" --Huck when Quinn Perkins won't stop badgering him about where he's been