What Would Olivia Pope Say?

A sit-down "interview" with characters from the hit TV show Scandal.

Cast of Scandal (Danny Feld/ABC)

(The Root) -- We've already got a list of questions that we're dying to have answered in the coming season of Scandal, and, well, we just can't wait for the premiere to satiate our curiosity. I sit down with the people at the center of the all drama -- Olivia, Harrison, Abby, Huck and Quinn -- to get the scoop straight from the horses' mouths.

I am led to a familiar place -- the long, wooden desk in the middle of the Olivia Pope and Associates office. One at a time, the Gladiators file in and sit across from me as the others line up behind the plate glass wall, arms crossed, staring at me without blinking. First up is Miss White Hat herself, Olivia Pope.

The Root: Hi, Ms. Pope. Thanks for speaking with me.

Olivia Pope: Not a problem. We just have to make this quick; I've got a Cambodian diplomat accused of smuggling bald eagles out of the country in teddy bears.

TR: How do you even get an eagle inside a teddy bear?

OP: Is that your one question? Because you do understand that you only get one question, right?

TR: No, sorry. Here's my question: Are you crazy?

OP: Excuse me? Am I crazy? That's actually your question? Let me answer your question with a question: Is it crazy to expect the biggest and the best and the fullest that life has to offer? Is it crazy to stop and think for just one second, after risking everything I have to make sure that other people have everything they need, that maybe, just maybe, I deserve a thing or two, too? Is it crazy to look at a forever filled with contentment and have the nerve to visualize my face there in the background? Is it crazy to expect that a black woman can just walk into the White House, unseat the first lady, marry her husband and not throw the nation into complete and total chaos or have her life ruined by people hell-bent on stopping her?

If so, then yes. I am crazy. I am absolutely, completely crazy, and it's a wonder that I am capable of making grounded decisions for anyone else. Good day.

[With a gentle quiver of her lip, Ms. Pope springs from her chair and walks quickly -- very, very quickly as people in this office are wont to do -- out of the room and out of the office. Next up is Harrison Wright, Olivia's unquestioning devotee.]