What Would Olivia Pope Say?

A sit-down "interview" with characters from the hit TV show Scandal.

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TR: Hello, Mr. Wright.

Harrison Wright: Let's make this quick. Every second that I am in here, the nation inches a little closer to implosion.

TR: Right. So, you are unwaveringly faithful to Olivia. What's your connection, your history with her?

HW: There are blue pipes and steeples in this world --

TR: I'm sorry, you're going to have to speak a little slower, please.

HW: I said there are two types of people in this world: those who are bold enough to call attention to themselves, and those who are smart enough to live in the shadows. When Olivia found me, I was nothing, a young punk running the streets in a pair of Dockers and a T-shirt. I was street-smart, but common, no ambition.

While walking through a dark alley one night, Liv's voice called out to me, asking if I wanted more, asking if I was tired of being alive but not living. I followed her right then and there to the nearest Men's Wearhouse and emerged with a new suit and a new sense of myself. And now look at me. Who do you know who can pair a green-and-fuschia polka-dot shirt with a blue-and-white Chevron-print bow tie? Liv saved my life in that alley. I owe her everything.

[With a dramatic huff, he stands, straightens his tie and exits, signaling for Huck to take his place. Huck looks me in the eye for awhile, but soon it seems that the isn't looking at me, but through me.]

TR: Hello, Huck.

Huck: You look like someone.