Teacher Suspended for Racist Halloween Rant

The Ohio music teacher was suspended after posting a rant on Facebook complaining about trick-or-treaters, using the n-word. 

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Generic image (Thinkstock)

An Ohio music teacher has been suspended after taking to Facebook to complain about trick-or-treaters in a racially charged post. 

Akron Firestone High School teacher David Spondike expressed his annoyance at “ghetto” children, alleging that they had urinated in front of his home. He used the n-word twice in the post, the Raw Story reports:

I dont mind if you come from the ghetto to trick or treat, Spondike posted. But when you whip out your teeny ***** and **** on the telephone pole in front of my front yard and some preschoolers and toddlers, you can take your ******-*** back where it came from. I dont have anything against anyone of any color, but *******, stay out!

The post was later removed and Spondike apologized to “those offended,” then deleted his account. 

The school placed him on administrative leave, and a school official said that case evidence was sent to the Ohio Department of Education. 

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