A Comeback for Lauryn Hill? Too Late

She Matters: This once-diehard fan won't be wasting time or money on a once-great artist.

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At a 2011 New York City concert where she took the stage after midnight for what had been advertised as an 8:30 show, fans booed. Hill told them, "Don't do that. That's disrespectful. I spent my entire 20s sacrificing my life to give you love. So when I hear people complain, I don't know what to tell you ... I personally know I'm worth the wait." No, she's not.

Hill's latest single, "Neurotic Society (Compulsory Mix)," was her first as part of a new record deal, one that she was rumored to sign for the money to pay her back taxes. The title and non-radio-friendly sound suggest a lack of effort and a hurried production -- just like her concerts. If this is what's to come, I'll pass on this latest tour, too. Will you?

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