‘Scandal’: 10 Questions We Want Answered

Last season left us on the edges of our seats. Here's a list of things we need to know in season 3.

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope (ABC Scandal)

3. When will Olivia come back to earth?

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope (ABC Scandal)

When we last saw Olivia (before you-know-who showed up), she was insisting that she was going to move into the White House and become Fitz’s first lady and that no one in the nation would see a serious problem with that. Now, Olivia has been delusional often in this series, but this last leap took the cake. We miss the old Olivia, the one that was only marginally incapable of making any good decision in her own personal life. This one seems totally inept.

4. Is Huck going to leave?

Guillermo Díaz as Huck (ABC Scandal)

Now that Quinn has pretty much poised herself to take his place with her newfound bloodlust, is there a need for Huck — beyond his giving viewers someone to swoon over and dream of loving and fixing and holding through those psychotic breaks? Will Huck go off to find a new family and leave the hacking and torturing to Quinn?

5. Is Sally going to end up as the president of the United States?