'Scandal': 10 Questions We Want Answered

Last season left us on the edges of our seats. Here's a list of things we need to know in season 3.

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4. Is Huck going to leave?

Guillermo Díaz as Huck (ABC Scandal)

Now that Quinn has pretty much poised herself to take his place with her newfound bloodlust, is there a need for Huck -- beyond his giving viewers someone to swoon over and dream of loving and fixing and holding through those psychotic breaks? Will Huck go off to find a new family and leave the hacking and torturing to Quinn?

5. Is Sally going to end up as the president of the United States?

Kate Burton as Sally (ABC Scandal)

No. Please, God, no

6. Who is going to play Olivia’s mother?

Phylicia Rashad (Wikimedia Commons)

The revelation of Joe Morton as Olivia's father got everyone wondering who would or should play her mother. For some, the logical choice was Jasmine Guy, who expressed her interest on Twitter -- it would be familiar ground for Guy and Morton, who played opposite each other as near-newlyweds on A Different World in 1992. How perfect would it be to see Whitley and Byron reunited?! But, an Essence poll shows that most viewers want to see Phylicia Rashad as the senior Ms. Pope. It's a fitting choice -- both Washington and Rashad are eloquent, fast-talking, no-mess takers. 

7. Who is America's baby's real father?