Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel in a ‘Rap Feud’?

West hit the late-night talk-show host in his latest Twitter rant. Kimmel's response? "Finally I'm in a rap feud."

(The Root) — On Thursday Kanye West engaged in an “epic” Twitter battle with Jimmy Kimmel, after the talk-show host made fun of comments the rapper made during a BBC Radio One interview.

“He said a lot of weird stuff,” Kimmel said Wednesday on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “He said he’s the No. 1 rock star on the planet — whatever planet he’s on — and a lot of other great stuff about himself. Does Kanye West know you’re not supposed to be your own hype man?”

He went on to mock West’s lament that Fendi rejected his idea for leather jogging pants. “Is that really a thing? Are there, like, leather jogging pants? Jogging pants? That seems impractical to me, but I don’t know fashion. To be honest, I don’t follow a lot of what Kanye has to say.”

So Kimmel hired two children to do a comedy sketch, acting out West’s comments from the interview. The move prompted West to launch a fusillade of angry tweets at Kimmel. Kimmel’s response? He’s “finally in a rap feud.”

Here are some of the tweets: