GOP Lawmaker Brings Fried Chicken to Poverty Hearing

Two weeks after another Colorado Republican was criticized for blaming chicken for blacks' health problems, state Rep. Lori Saine reportedly brought fried chicken to a meeting in a "silent protest."

Rep. Lori Saine (Fox31 Denver screenshot); Sen. Vicki Marble (Daniel Petty/Getty Images)

A Colorado Republican state representative reignited controversy on Wednesday when she brought a box of fried chicken to a poverty hearing, Fox31 Denver reports. The incident comes about two weeks after state Sen. Vicki Marble, a fellow Republican and poverty task force member, riled lawmakers when she identified chicken as one of the reasons for health problems — including sickle-cell anemia — in the black community.

During the task force’s first meeting since Aug. 21, Rep. Lori Saine reportedly left a box of Popeyes chicken on Marble’s desk as a “silent protest” in support of the senator.

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