Other Cool Stuff From MLK’s ‘Dream’ Speech

We all know the famous lines, but let's take a moment to acknowledge its other nuggets of insight.

(The Root) — It’s inevitable. Every January as we prepare to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, our Facebook and Twitter feeds become cluttered with obligatory links to King’s other famous quotes — gathered from various seminal texts, like the Letter From a Birmingham Jail and the Eulogy for the Martyred Children. (Jay Smooth gives one of our favorite breakdowns of King’s immortal words here.)

These nods to the breadth and diversity of King’s entire catalog are obviously important. But here’s a reminder to pay some special attention to the “I Have a Dream” speech in its entirety. There’s more to the rhetorical genius of the “Dream” speech than the dream portion alone. King’s other insights are pointed and heavy, and don’t always support the romanticized version of the King we hold in our heads.

Here are some other quotes from the famed text, some of which are chillingly relevant to the state of racial politics today. 

Howard Sochurek/Getty Images