Why We Love ‘Orange Is the New Black’

Netflix's new series takes on race, white privilege and transgender issues with a serious dose of humor.


(The Root) — Netflix’s original series Orange Is the New Black has taken the Internet by storm since its release July 11. Not everyone is on the bandwagon, but many are lauding the show, describing it with words like “addictive,” “fresh” and “ambitious.”

We’re big fans of the show, too, and Orange Is the New Black has us all waiting not so patiently for the second season, which we won’t get until next year. In the meantime, we’ll just have to sit and reflect on why we like it so much. Here are six quick reasons.

1. We Hate Piper

Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman (Netflix)

The show’s main character, Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), is beyond annoying. To put it bluntly, she’s the whitest white girl in the world — steeped in privilege, completely oblivious to the world outside of her posh New York bubble. As other women in the prison struggle with the real-life problems of poverty and maintaining the families that depend on them while in the clink, Piper hogs up telephone time asking her fiancé to describe to her the fancy snacks he bought at Whole Foods. We watch and roll our eyes, begging her to get a clue.

2. We Love Piper