Following the Path Blazed by History

March on Washington at 50: Civil rights groups are heading to D.C. to continue the fight for equality. is one of several groups heading to D.C. for the March on Washington anniversary. (Joe Corrigan/Getty Images)

“That number balloons even more if you include staff,” he continued. “This trip to Washington is not a futile exercise. We see it as an organizing opportunity to bring more attention to the program that is being moved by the mayor, which is one of intentional neglect of our children. We will make our voices heard.”, New York City and Oakland, Calif.

Trayvon Martin. “Stand your ground” laws. ALEC. Stop and frisk. If you heard about any of these campaigns, you have likely heard of, a virtual African-American civil rights organization that has effected change at the forefront of most major issues in recent history. The group plans to have a physical and online presence at the march from Aug. 24-28, Rashad Robinson, the group’s president, told The Root.

“This is when blacks will be paying attention,” he said. “We will be giving people real things they can do in the community to leverage power and energy coming from this moment. The ColorOfChange has been effective at getting 52 corporations to leave ALEC. We are working on other campaigns to end voter-ID restrictions and reverse ‘Stand your ground’ laws in states including Florida. With the current state of affairs in the nation, we have to continue to make our voices heard.”

Southern Poverty Law Center, Montgomery, Ala.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which is dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry across the nation, plans to attend the march, Tiffany Thomas Smith, public affairs manager, told The Root. She called it an important opportunity to honor the civil rights martyrs who made the ultimate sacrifice fighting for equality, and also to recognize collectively that their crusade has not yet been fulfilled, saying that the march for equality, justice and tolerance continues.

“We will be in Washington, D.C., from Aug. 24 to 28, where we look forward to spending time with the fierce community of advocates advancing human rights around the world,” she said in an email statement. “The Civil Rights Memorial Center will host a booth on the National Mall from 12 to 6 p.m. on Saturday through Tuesday at the Global Freedom Festival, where we welcome our friends and supporters to share their stories, experiences and ideas about the historic 1963 event and how they’re personally working to continue the march today.”

Lynette Holloway is a contributing editor at The Root and a contributor at News One.

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