Have I Wasted the Civil Rights Legacy?

On the eve of the March on Washington, a writer asks if she's made the most of hard-fought victories.

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A choice.

Our parents explained that they'd built a sturdy foundation for us. And that if we fell, they would pick us up again. Because a parent's love and a movement's dream is a love and a movement unconditional, a hope unconditional for a better future. And successor's guilt or not, we were part of this, and we were told to not be ashamed. Our today was someone else's dream; the only way we could squander it would be if we refused to live it. If we opted for shame and despair over hope and ambition.

So my friend-in-guilt and I are really trying to accept that, to accept slipping and then climbing back on. Let's hope this time we stay there.

Danielle C. Belton is a freelance journalist and TV writer, founder of the blog blacksnob.com and editor-at-large of Clutch magazine. 

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Danielle C. Belton is an associate editor at The Root. Follow her on Twitter.

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