‘Living Single’: 11 Life Lessons

It's been 20 years since the four homegirls from Brooklyn taught us about love and sisterhood.

The four women of Living Single (Warner Bros. Entertainment)

5. Don’t let someone tell you how to wear your hair.

Kyle Barker (Warner Bros. Entertainment)

Kyle is a stockbroker at a prestigious firm in the city. He wants to take over a project — establishing a mutual fund in Africa for the firm — but his efforts are met with a bit of resistance, especially from his black co-worker. The co-worker doesn’t think Kyle’s dreds present a “corporate image.” But after trying on several hideous wigs, Kyle remembers the importance of staying true to his heritage and to himself.

6. At any age, Eartha Kitt will always be fly.

Eartha Kitt (Warner Bros. Entertainment)

In a nod to her role on Boomerang, Eartha Kitt plays Jacqueline Richards, a new client at Kyle’s firm, who is coming on a bit too strong for Kyle’s liking.

7. It’s hard to be a vegetarian at a barbecue.