‘Living Single’: 11 Life Lessons

It's been 20 years since the four homegirls from Brooklyn taught us about love and sisterhood.

The four women of Living Single (Warner Bros. Entertainment)

Max (Erika Alexander) and Goldie (Miguel Nunez Jr.) at the club (Warner Bros. Entertainment)

Tired of staying in the house on the weekends, Regine convinces the girls to go out to the club. While Regine hunts down all the women in the party wearing the same outfit as hers, Khadijah flirts with the DJ, and Overton and Synclaire hit the dance floor with four left feet between them. But it’s Max who has the least luck. She meets the gold-toothed, S-curl wearing, 40-oz.-drinking Goldie, and he stalks her all night. Addendum: Always have a fake name a la Shaquan at the ready.

3. Be careful about crushing on your interviewees.

Grant Hill (playing himself) and Khadijah (Warner Bros. Entertainment)

Khadijah works with several celebrities for cover stories for Flavor magazine. Remember when Grant Hill falls head-over-heels in love with her? (“Khadijah, I think I need ya … Khadijaaah.”) She also falls for a few other interviewees, including Alonzo, who is selected as teacher of the year and whom she dates for several episodes. Then there’s the employee who threatens to sue her for sexual harassment after she fires him.

4. “Mama got to have a life, too.”

Regine’s mother, Laverne (Chip Fields) and Regine (Warner Bros. Entertainment)

While at dinner with her mother, Laverne, Regine gets pushed to the side as millionaire businessman Hamilton tries to push up on Laverne. Hamilton and Laverne spend a whirlwind two weeks together, and Regine gets more and more jealous.