‘Living Single’: 11 Life Lessons

It's been 20 years since the four homegirls from Brooklyn taught us about love and sisterhood.

The four women of Living Single (Warner Bros. Entertainment)
The four women of Living Single (Warner Bros. Entertainment)

(The Root) — Before the ladies of Sex and the City pounded the New York City pavement in their stilettos and before our new-millennium Girlfriends were taking over Los Angeles, we tuned in to our girls Khadijah (Queen Latifah), Synclaire (Kim Coles), Max (Erika Alexander), Regine (Kim Fields) — and the guys, Kyle (Terrence Carson) and Overton (John Henton) — of Living Single in the mid-’90s.

Black women everywhere could relate to each character: Khadijah’s I’m-a-boss attitude, Synclaire’s flighty but endearing personality, husband-hungry Regine’s sometime-y superficiality and Max’s quick-witted humor. (Man, could Maxine Shaw, attorney at law, work a suit, or what?)

Believe it or not, it’s been 20 years since we were first introduced to our favorite Brooklyn home girls. Through all their triumphs and trials of dating, career moves and New York City experiences, we couldn’t help but learn a bit from the cast.

1. Being your own boss pays off.

Khadijah (Queen Latifah) and Marcus Hughes (Kadeem Hardison) (Warner Bros. Entertainment)

Marcus Hughes (Kadeem Hardison), a reporter for the Village Voice, is in a race with Khadijah for a breaking news story about a boxing promoter who is fixing fights. While they both get the story, Khadijah is able to flex her muscle as the editor-in-chief of her own magazine and push the issue to press a day before the Village Voice article goes to print.

2. Beware! There’s always that one man (or 12) at the club.