'Living Single': 11 Life Lessons

It's been 20 years since the four homegirls from Brooklyn taught us about love and sisterhood.

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In a nod to her role on Boomerang, Eartha Kitt plays Jacqueline Richards, a new client at Kyle's firm, who is coming on a bit too strong for Kyle's liking.

7. It's hard to be a vegetarian at a barbecue.

Regine and Max (Warner Bros. Entertainment)

After watching a documentary on the meat industry in America, Regine decides to become a vegetarian and stocks the fridge with tofu and veggies. To break her out of her health kick, the gang plans an all-meat barbecue with beef, chicken and sides of pork.

8. There's nothing like a mother’s love.

Khadijah with her mother, Rita (Rita Owens) (Warner Bros. Entertainment

Queen Latifah's and Kim Fields' real mothers portrayed their moms on Living Single, and we can't imagine any one else filling those shoes. And although Max's mom wasn't played by her real mother, C.C.H. Pounder was an excellent choice. (Pounder played Erika Alexander's mom in 1990's Common Ground.)  

9. Don't go snooping in your boyfriend's apartment.

Scooter (Cress Williams) and Khadijah (Warner Bros. Entertainment)

When Khadijah stops by Scooter's (Cress Williams) apartment to pick up something for a costume party, she finds herself snooping through his things. She discovers a woman's necklace, some perfume and a fax message about a future meeting. (Yeah, no unlocking cell phones and reading text messages in 1995!) Khadijah confronts Scooter, and she finds out that the necklace was a surprise for her, the perfume is a new product that his singing group will be promoting and the meeting is about an upcoming tour.