Zimmerman Verdict: The Day After

Supporters of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman fought for hearts and minds on the Sunday talk shows.

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Roberta Felton, Trayvon Martin's cousin, on MSNBC's 'Melissa Harris-Perry'

Screenshot of Roberta Felton on MSNBC's 'Melissa Harris-Perry' (MSNBC)

Just remember Trayvon, as Sabrina always said. It could have been your son, could have been my baby, could have been anyone in America's baby just walking to the store and coming back with Skittles and iced tea. Things do happen in life, but sometimes it's not fair. It's just not.

Iesha Felton, cousin Trayvon Martin's cousin, on MSNBC's 'Melissa Harris-Perry'

Screenshot of Iesha Felton on MSNBC's 'Melissa Harris-Perry' (MSNBC)

I think a lot of the young people at this moment may be feeling very burdened, like we all are, but they have to stand strong in their faith. They have to know that God has it, and no matter what, that He has it. We give it to Him, we give our burdens to Him.  So just stand strong and be peaceful, and stand together and hold one another up.  

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