NYC Mayoral Candidate Connects Zimmerman With Stop and Frisk

William C. Thompson says the policy is rooted in the same racism that killed Trayvon Martin.

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But he has made clear he would replace the police commissioner, Raymond W. Kelly, overhaul the stop-and-frisk strategy to ban racial profiling, and limit reliance on the practice by hiring 2,000 more officers and putting more experienced ones in high-crime areas.

On Sunday, though, he talked about the issues in human terms, as a father and a husband. Mr. Thompson, the son of a Democratic judge in State Supreme Court and a schoolteacher, acknowledged that his biography did not put him in the same shoes as many black and Latino men across the city.

"I am the son of the struggle before me," he said. "And although it has not ended, I have lived in the blessing of its success so far."

But, invoking the "dreams of our fathers" and "dreams for our sons," he said he felt compelled to speak out after the acquittal of Mr. Zimmerman. "When the rules of society -- that we call and honor as the law -- allow even one of those dreams to be snuffed out in anger and fear without consequence or action, those rules fail us all," he said.

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