Tristan Wilds: ‘The Wire’ Movie Will Never Happen

The actor explains why Wire fans shouldn't hold their breath for the film version.

Tristan Wilds (Greg DeGuire/Getty Images)
Tristan Wilds (Greg DeGuire/Getty Images)

In an interview with MTV’s Hive, actor Tristan “Mack” Wilds was asked about the possibility of there being a movie version of The Wire. Wilds played the likable bad guy Michael Lee in the fourth and fifth seasons of the groundbreaking HBO drama and is currently promoting his music debut, in which he’s rapping under the moniker Mack Wilds. 

Speaking of L.A., “Entourage” is getting made into a movie. Whats going on with “The Wire” movie?

I wish. I wish. Listen, we’ve talked about it. We’ve tried. A couple of times, [creator] David Simon brought it up like, “If we did a Wire movie, it would be hard to fit in two hours of people getting shot and things happening all that once.” Literally, it would be two hours of a big shoot out. Nobody wants to see that. I think he’s going to keep his idea for the rest of The Wire to the imaginations of the fans.

Wilds also spoke on the series’ controversial ending.

I would have liked to see a little more of each character, but I feel like, David Simon was trying to do to leave the audience in suspense. The game doesn’t change. It’s just people do. How I became the next “Omar” ’cause I came in with the shotgun. It keeps going over and over again, so you can draw your own assumptions. I wouldn’t have changed the way he ended it, I would have just said, “Let’s do another season.”

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