Unhappy? Don’t Act Like Kirk Frost

Ask Demetria: The Love & Hip-Hop husband is an example of how not to act when your marriage is struggling.

(The Root) —

“Do you watch Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta? There’s a married couple on the show, and the wife became pregnant. Her husband asked her to get an abortion, then questioned whether the child was his. Is it me or have the men of reality TV become just as bad as the women?” –Y.P.

This isn’t really a question about dating and relationships, but I’ll bite because of my particular annoyance with Kirk Frost, the husband from VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta whom you mention in your question. And also because I agree: The men of reality TV, particularly on this show, are becoming just as bad as the worst of the women. And Kirk is leading the male pack.

I’m a big fan of Love & Hip-Hop. Call it my guilty pleasure, if you will. The storylines of this show are so over the top that I’m convinced it’s scripted, no matter how many times Executive Producer Mona Scott-Young declares otherwise. Anyway, I am very familiar — and disgusted — with the goings-on between Kirk and his wife of 12 years, aspiring rapper Rasheeda.

For the uninitiated, a recap: Rasheeda has been actively pursuing a career as a rapper under the direction of her husband-manager, Kirk. This season she became pregnant, somehow a complete surprise to her and her husband, although she had stopped using birth control and her husband didn’t use condoms. When Rasheeda told Kirk she was pregnant, he suggested to his wife — again, of 12 years — that she have an abortion.

In a later episode, though he had not expressed any previous concerns about his wife’s fidelity, he questioned the paternity of the baby by asking his wife to have a blood test when the child is born. His logic that he used the pull-out method to prevent pregnancy and that his wife is a “rapper” are legitimate cause for doubt in his mind.