My Ex Wants to Borrow a Large Sum of Money

Ask Demetria: A recent episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta offers lessons in why this is a bad idea.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Traci and Drew (YouTube)
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Traci and Drew (YouTube)

(The Root) —

“I watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, and I saw the episode where there’s a girl whose baby daddy wanted to borrow money. On Twitter, people said she was stupid for giving him money to open a store. My daughter’s father has asked to borrow some money, and now I am thinking twice. I’ve loaned him money before and he has always paid me back, but this is a large amount. Is helping him out really so wrong? I would expect him to do the same for me.” –K.F.

I watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, too. And I was one of the people on Twitter openly wondering, “Hon, what are you thinking?!” when Traci, the woman you’re referring to, decided to lend $25,000 to her ex-boyfriend Drew, with whom she shares a son. It was money that he promptly lost. If the investment had been a success, we would have been talking about how she lucked out on that one, but the criticism wouldn’t have been nearly as bad (if at all).

Let me give you the top three reasons so many people objected to the scenario that you refer to, especially given how it turned out:

1. Traci had extreme reservations about giving Drew the money. This is evidenced by her continued hesitation and her saying exactly that when she discovered that Drew’s business “partner” had run off with their investment, a total of $50,000. She also mentioned that Drew was involved in shady business dealings in the past. He obviously had not learned his lesson.

2. There was no (apparent) business plan in place. Perhaps one was discussed off camera and the viewer wasn’t made privy to it. I hope this is the case. Otherwise, it was as entirely foolish of Traci to turn over her money to Drew as it was for Drew to turn over the combined amount to his “friend” without a contract. Anytime you’re investing in any project, there should be a clear and logical plan to at least recoup your investment.

3. Traci was giving the money for all the wrong reasons — mainly control and fear. This couple has been broken up for seven years, and yet Traci is still possessive, to the point of verbally and physically attacking other women, and can be reduced to real tears while recounting her hurt over their breakup.