When Are Kids Ready to Handle Life’s Heavier Issues?

Arguing that he has taken a firm stance against teaching his 6-year-old daughter from a deficit model, Shawn Taylor writes at Ebony.com that he is prepared to explain the social ills she will confront during her lifetime.

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I was stuck as to how I should answer, but my grandmother’s voice in my head told me, “Bwoy, she nuh ready. When di lickle pickney growed…”

About 10 minutes later, a group of Black and brown teenagers were wilding out at a bus stop. They were play fighting and then getting angry, being very loud, cursing one another—there were far too many “niggas” being thrown around. The scene looked chaotic and violent. My daughter turns up her nose and asked, “Why do they always act like that?”

Read Shawn Taylor’s entire blog entry at Ebony.com.

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