Not a Shocker: NRA Head Thinks Obama Is a ‘Fake President’

Mediaite has a clip of Jim Porter's pre-Newtown, Conn., comments. He's not exactly a fan of this administration. 

Jim Porter (YouTube)
Jim Porter (YouTube)

Mediaite just dug up this June 2012 video of current National Rifle Association President Jim Porter calling Barack Obama a “fake president” whose entire administration is “anti-freedom.”

That’s a lot. When did presidents we disagree with stop being just presidents we disagree with and start being “fake”? Oh, yeah — right around Inauguration Day 2009.

Jim Porter, previously a lawyer from Alabama, told that crowd that he likes to refer to the Civil War as the “war of Northern Aggression” and called Barack Obama a “fake president” whose entire administration is “anti-freedom.”

Perhaps what’s most striking about Porter’s comments is that they came more than six months before the mass shooting in Newtown, Conn., that spurred the Obama administration to its first real action on gun-control legislation. He has not made any major public remarks since accepting the new leadership position in the NRA, but it’s fairly safe to say that his opinion of the president has not warmed.

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