Does It Matter If He Calls Me His Girlfriend?

Ask Demetria: How he introduces you to friends and family does say something about your relationship.

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Our group has been introduced to various women over the years — so many that we’ve lost count. He introduces them as “This is Gina” or even, like the guy you referred to, not at all, which, frankly, is just poor manners, likely combined with a lack of any real interest. We all note when there is no title or no introduction, so we engage in minimal small talk to be polite. The unspoken assumption, however, is that he’s not serious about this one and she’ll be replaced soon enough, so there’s no sense in getting to know her too well or making a big to-do. She’s a date for the evening. Maybe we’ll see her again, but likely not.

At this very swank affair, my friend arrived with a woman I’d never seen before, which was expected. Usually my interactions with him include some sort of teasing about him soon running out of women in New York’s tristate area to date. He knows this and I know this. And that is why promptly, upon spotting me, he came over with his lady beside him and said, “D, this is my girlfriend, Gina.”

This required a new approach. “Gina! It’s so nice to meet you. I’ve heard so much about you,” I lied (about the last part) while going in for a hug. I was headed to the bar and invited “Gina” to go with me to keep her company while her man took her coat to be checked. I bothered to get to know her and her details. The title said that she was special, so she was treated as such.

And not just by me. Everyone made a fuss to make sure she felt welcome. Her title as “girlfriend” meant that she was an extension of our friend and not another random woman he was bringing around, like all of the others.

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