Watch This: Clarence Thomas: Obama Says What Elites ‘Expect From a Black Person’

The conservative Supreme Court justice said that he always knew the nation's first black president would be someone "approved by the elites and the media." 

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (Tim Sloan/AFP/Getty); President Barack Obama (Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty)

During a recent wide-ranging interview with C-SPAN, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas took a swipe at President Barack Obama’s popularity among elites and the media, saying that Obama says “the prescribed things they expect from a black person,” Fox News reports.

“Any black person who says something that is not the prescribed things that they expect from a black person will be picked apart … So, I always assumed it would be someone the media had to agree with,” Thomas said when asked if he ever expected to ever see an African-American president during his lifetime.

Watch the interview here:

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