I Sided Against Him in a Family Feud; He’s Mad

Ask Demetria: When your boyfriend fights with his relatives, it's important to know your role.

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Generic image (Thinkstock Images)

Your best bet would have been to attempt to defuse the situation by getting him to calm down or getting him out of the situation. Offering an opinion that countered his in that moment, with his family listening, wasn’t the best move. That’s what your apology is for.

Now, about him acting up the first time he invites you to a family event and storming out and leaving you to follow after him because he’s mad: That’s not cool. And after the two of you have had a levelheaded conversation about where you went wrong, you’ll need to address where he fell short, too.

I get it; tempers flare. Most of us — myself included — do unfavorable things when we are upset, but you two need to talk about a better way than storming out when things aren’t going your respective ways.

Good luck!

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