My Man Wants Me to Drop My Male Bestie

Ask Demetria: A suddenly insecure boyfriend may mean that something's changed in your relationship.

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Perhaps you've given your own version of "Well, Tariq said ... " one too many times and your boyfriend has had enough of it -- hence his request that you give up this particular friendship. Instead or axing your friendship, which you clearly don't want to do, discuss with your boyfriend about what the underlying problem is here. It may be that you're giving your friend more "weight" than your man.

Since your communication with your friend is already pretty minimal, you'll need to make some adjustments to make your boyfriend feel more secure. That could include giving him the first heads-up about new information and communicating more with your man to solve any issues in your relationship. There's nothing wrong with talking to a trusted friend about issues you're having, but your boyfriend doesn't need to hear, "Well, so-and-so said ... ," even if the person you consulted was another woman.

In the unfortunate case that your friendship has habitually line-stepped on your man's ego, your boyfriend may be unwilling to rethink his stance regarding your male friend. You will then have to make a tough decision about who matters more to you. After three years in a relationship with your partner, choosing him over your friend should be the obvious answer. And if it isn't, you will need to re-explore what your real feelings are for your male friend.

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