Tracey Edmonds Takes You to 'Vurch'

She tells us about her new digital channel, which offers virtual church from mega-pastors.

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TE: I love all of our shows, but that's going to be a really fun show for us. We're so blessed to have someone of Michael K. Williams' talent play our lead. He plays Pastor Daniels, who, each week, we get a chance to see counsel various parishioners on different problems that they're going through in their lives. And the fun part is, this a comedy, so we get a chance to see people come in with some crazy problems and see the advice that he gives them.

We've also been having a lot of fun casting our guest stars. Every week our viewers will tune in and see a well-known face walking into the office. We'll have some surprises like, "Oh, my God, I can't believe they got someone to do this."

TR: You also have Issa Rae doing a show. How did you come to collaborate with her?

TE: I'm a huge fan of Issa, and I was really fortunate that one of our executives has a relationship with Issa and her partner and was able to have her come in. She pitched us a faith-friendly concept called The Choir. It's a comedy, and it's about the personal, spiritual and controversial dynamics of a church choir and all the politics that go on behind the scenes, the friendships and relationship issues -- so, the inner workings of a choir.

TR: Speaking of church, you're also doing this thing called "vurch."

TE: We can say the "v" stands for either "video church" or "virtual church." The reality is, busy people don't have a chance to attend church services as often as they would often really like. But I know a lot of busy people still want to hear the word. So the idea is that Alright TV will bring church to you.

We're going to be live-streaming weekly church services from pastors from all over the country. This will be the first time any website will have ever done this, so we're really revolutionizing church services in a way because we're going to be expanding their outreach nationally and globally.

If you're at home or you're at work or if you're at the airport, you can log on to Alright TV and go into vurch. You can search by the church name, the pastor's name, or even go to a map of the country and look at states and cities and see the church's logo and click on it. Or, if you missed you it, we'll be archiving the service.

TR: There's a study that says there's still a bit of a digital divide with African Americans having less access to broadband at home. Are you worried about not fully reaching your target audience?

TE: One of the things we're doing is going inside the church community and really doing outreach through the churches and encouraging and engaging them into coming on board with what's going on with the Internet and digital programming. We're really doing a lot of grassroots outreach to our African-American community to open that door and let them know we're out here and we're launching.