Time Stretching: Fresh Twist on the Remix

The latest trend in music is taking a song and making it longer, sometimes taking hours to play.

Generic image (Thinkstock Images)

Taking a cue from electronic dance music, R&B and hip-hop producers have embraced more digital-production techniques in recent years, so it wouldn’t be a, um, stretch to imagine what this idea would sound like applied to an animated rapper like Lil Wayne or to the beautiful vocal tones of a singer such as Erykah Badu. Time stretching, if put in the hands of a super producer like Kanye West or Just Blaze, could have a whole new life.

For real, though, let’s embrace anything with the potential to replace Auto-Tune.

Tamara Palmer is a San Francisco-based freelance writer and the author of Country Fried Soul: Adventures in Dirty South Hip-Hop. Follow her on Twitter.