Reality Show Takes Slut Shaming to New Level

Lifetime's new Preachers' Daughters focuses on church girls and sex while letting boys off the hook.

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I am one of those church girls -- not a preacher's kid, but a child of the church nonetheless -- and I grew up learning the jewels of conservative Christian values filtered through the perspective of male ministers, as well as female ministers under the tutelage of male teachers. I'm not outraged by Preachers' Daughters, as I know some folks are, largely because I think it gives us good reason to step back and look at the imbalance between what we're teaching our sons and daughters and what we've long held as truth ourselves. Aside from Deborah, Mary and Esther, the Bible captures many women in subservient arrangements or as men's sexual playthings. That seeps into the teachings we absorb.

But we can't wave the banner for female empowerment and continue to shame our girls for being normal, sexual beings or let them be mystified by their own sexuality. The God I know didn't banish womankind to the extreme ends of angel or concubine.

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