Are You Ready to Learn About Brian McKnight?

Back with a new album after causing a stir in 2012, the crooner shows us how his mind works.

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"Everybody was jumping on me, and I was making the point that there were a lot worse things going on in the world than a song about p--sy," he explained. "Maybe I did single out certain individuals, and that may not have been the thing to do, but why is that behavior actually applauded? I meant what I said, and I have no ill [will] towards anyone ... As a father with two young daughters, I can't applaud everyone's behavior all the time."

Ultimately, fans of McKnight's angelic voice will likely enjoy More Than Words, but he might gain a whole new group of followers if, in the spirit of his recent candidness, he reignites his former radio show and just talks. Still another idea would be to lend his songwriting skills to up-and-coming black singers like Luke James or Bridget Kelly -- but McKnight isn't convinced.

"Nobody wants to sing the music I create; they want to do dance or hip-hop. That's what sells so many records now," he said, before dipping into more of that McKnight sarcasm. "It's just so great that the music business is in such great hands, and people still sell as many records as they did in the '90s."

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