I Woke Up Naked in Co-Worker’s Bed

Ask Demetria: You may have been a victim of acquaintance rape, and there's only one way to be sure.

(The Root) —

“Got drunk with co-workers after work one night. One guy, whom I trust and have built a friendship with, took me home. I woke up naked in his bed, vaguely remembering kisses. I’ve always turned him down in the past. What do I do?” –R.G.

Unfortunately, you don’t know what happened, and you’re not likely to find out unless you get the police involved, and/or your co-workers mimicked the Steubenville, Ohio, football players and their friends by documenting the night with texts, tweets and YouTube videos. More than likely sex did occur, since you “vaguely” remember kisses, and you know for sure that you woke up naked in your co-worker’s bed.

Like you, I can’t be sure what occurred based on the information you have, but if you were drunk, then you were not able to consent to any sexual acts that may have taken place. This would mean you were raped. I suggest that you report what information you have to the police and let them do their job of figuring out what, if any, crime took place.

That suggestion isn’t going to go over so well, and I understand why. It may seem unfair to go to the police, accusing your co-worker of a crime when you aren’t entirely sure if one was committed. But you’re pretty sure something happened, and it’s absolute that you were not able to consent to it.

You could go ask your co-workers what happened, and they might have some ideas to an extent. You could ask your friend, too, but you’re not likely to get straight answers, especially since you woke up in his bed and seem to regret it.

This is why I’m sending you to the authorities, who can get answers you’re not able to. Finding out what happened to you that night is much more important than ticking off your colleague because the co-worker is asked a few questions or even charged with a crime that he actually committed.

Also, your male friend was likely drunk, too, meaning that his judgment was probably impaired as well. But that doesn’t let him off the hook for likely engaging in sex acts with you when you were unable to consent. People are held accountable all the time for crimes committed while they were impaired — drunk driving, murder, theft, among others. Rape should be no different.