Great Video: ‘Husband Does My Twistout’

This beauty blogger's post might just say more about love than it does about hair styling  technique.

Blogger 'NaturalMe4C and husband
Blogger 'NaturalMe4C and husband

Beauty blogger NaturalMe4C says, “So my husband Ty talked me into allowing him to do my Twistout for Valentines Day lol.  (Why I agreed is beyond me!  LOL)  He said he wanted to give me a ‘break’ from doing my hair so I could relax!  So as an exercise of trust, I decided to put myself at risk(lol) and let him try it out 😀  We had a ton of fun during this process even though it took over 3 hours! “

What follows is charming video of a gesture unhindered by gender, race (it looks to us like the Ty’s not black, but the video doesn’t specificaly say) or, well . . . any particular level of personal expertise (watch it here). In addition to the hair care, there are bonus anecdotes about the couple’s relationship – from their first Valentine’s Day together, to conflicting definitions of what constitutes a clean dish.

It comes with a disclaimer: “Warning: The methods used for this twistout are completely made up by Ty…you probably don’t want to use them LOL.”

We just stumbled upon the Feb 14 post but we think the pair’s joyful interaction – plus whatever you may choose to read into it about relationships and the celebration of natural beauty in all colors – is worth watching even long after the holiday that inspired it has passed.

Watch it at YouTube and read more at NaturalMe4C.

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