The Interracial, Bipartisan State of the Union Fist Bump

Oh, how the meaning of an informal greeting can change over a few years. 


When Barack and Michelle Obama exchanged a public "fist bump," aka "terrorist fist jab," in 2008, it practically caused a national crisis.

Fast-forward to last night. Before taking to the podium to deliver his State of the Union address, President Obama fist-bumped Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk, creating an instant Internet meme (Gawker titled an animated .gif the "Exploding Bipartisan Fist Bump"). After the hand explosion, the 53-year-old Republican, who recently returned to the Hill after suffering a stroke in 2012, hugged the president.

And no one mentioned terrorism. Progress.

Watch it at Gawker.

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Sept. 19 2014 8:34 AM