SOTU Poll: What Will We Remember a Year From Now?

Last night's address was packed with memorable moments. Which ones stick out for you?


(The Root) — Last night’s State of the Union address was a serious one. From statements on immigration, gun control, manufacturing jobs and more, President Obama laid out the ideals he hopes to achieve during his last term.

But then there was some fun stuff — an interracial, bipartisan fist pump and an awkward water break, to name a few. What moment will you remember a year from now?

Check back later for results.





When the president proposed preschool for every child 15%
Mark Rubio’s awkward water gulp 15%
When the president proposed executive action on climate change 0%
When Hadiya Pendleton’s parents stood up 45%
The president’s interracial, bipartisan fist pump 0%
I won’t remember any of these 10%
Other 15%