Michelle Williams on ‘Fela!’ and Depression

She spoke to Rolling Out about opening up over her struggles. Plus: The album she says will "give people a chance to be inspired."

Michelle Williams was one-third of the Destiny’s Child reunion that helped steal Sunday night’s Super Bowl halftime show, but that was just a diversion for the singer, who’s now recording solo material as well as performing up to eight shows a week in Broadway’s Fela!

Rolling Out spoke to her about the project that she calls “spiritual” and “a good workout,” and what’s next for her. Plus: Why she didn’t plan to open up about her depression but is glad she finally did. Some excerpts:

On why Fela! means a lot to her:  

“This show is such a spiritual show — a lot of dancing, a lot of movement, a beautiful story. And I love how Fela [Kuti]’s story is told so clearly through this show.”

On going public with her depression:

 “Me talking about it was purely [accidental],” she explains. “It wasn’t anything I planned, but now that it’s out so many people are reaching out to me and saying ‘Thank you.’ They’ve been going through the same thing and didn’t know what to do.”

On her current take on mental health and wellness:

“For years growing up, I thought someone getting treatment and counseling was really crazy or had personality disorders, but it’s really for normal people that have some issues that they need answers to.”

On her solo album: