Nonso Anozie on Playing Samson in ‘The Bible’

The British Game of Thrones actor says his role in the 10-part miniseries was "divine intervention."

Nonso Anozie (John Sciulli/WireImage/Getty Images)
Nonso Anozie (John Sciulli/WireImage/Getty Images)

I hope that people are entertained, that they laugh and cry and that they’re moved by it and later on feel a secondary effect: that somehow something different happens than when they watch an ordinary program. Make them closer to God if they are believers, or pick up the Bible to learn more, to have questions and have a dialogue with your pastor or other people. Either way, that’s a good thing to me. Having a dialogue is the most important thing.

The Bible airs starting March 3 on the History Channel and will air each Sunday through Easter on March 31.

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