Father Sued Over 9-Year-Old Son’s Rap Antics

Luis Rivera Jr. has reportedly been charged with child abuse and neglect, thanks to his child's sexually suggestive musical persona. 

'Lil Poopy' in a music video (YouTube)
'Lil Poopy' in a music video (YouTube)

Nine-year-old rapper “Lil Poopy,” named for when he got his start as a performer when he was still in diapers, isn’t in trouble for his sexually suggestive music and videos — but his father is, New York’s Daily News reports.

Luis Rivera Sr. has reportedly been charged with neglect and child abuse over the conduct that made his son, who’s also known as “Cocaine Cowboy,” famous. Watch a video here.

Absurd? Yes. Tragic? Probably. Much worse than the behavior kids all across the country act out while watching and listening to their favorite artists? Maybe not. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Read more at the Daily News.

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