The Obamas Walk in Inaugural Parade

The president and first lady were treated like veritable rock stars as supporters cheered and waved flags during their stroll from Capitol Hill to the White House.

Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images
Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

Drawing cheers like rock stars, President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama exited the limousine for the traditional inaugural walk in the parade from Capitol Hill to the White House.

The duo waved to cheering, flag-waving crowds lining Pennsylvania Avenue to celebrate the beginning of the president’s second term, the Associated Press reports.

Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and their families were among more than 8,800 people, floats and marching bands participating in the late-starting parade that passed before viewing stands and bleachers after Obama’s public swearing-in ceremony.

Thousands of people had waited in security lines that stretched a block to gain access to parade-viewing spots accessible to the general public without a special ticket.

Spectators wore Obama t-shirts, ski caps, hoodies and buttons, and one woman wrapped herself in an Obama beach towel for extra warmth.

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