New Sci-Fi With a Twist: An All-Black Cast

Colorlines talks to a Web-series creator who says, "When everyone's black, you're not worried about who's black or not."

Keith Josef Adkins' The Abandon (
Keith Josef Adkins' The Abandon (

On what African Americans in the entertainment industry face in 2013:

 … The challenge is that because of this aggressive movement towards so many different things in our society is happening… Well, one example is Django Unchained. It’s a fantastical tale about the horrors of slavery — I guess — written by a white man doesn’t have any direct connection to slavery, from what I understand and from what he’s said. So it’s a filtered, imagined, romanticized, fetishized version of slavery, which I think is very dangerous. I mean, it can be very entertaining for some people, but for people who are really invested in authenticity and in providing truth, in society as we move into the year 2013, it’s challenging. And then we have seven other films about slavery coming out soon, for the most part written by white screenwriters, though a few of them are written by black directors. That, to me, is challenging. There’s nothing wrong with it, but we need more narratives from black perspectives, and to trust that the black perspective can be layered and not monolithic, that it’s not one story …

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