Dating Isn’t Dead

Ask Demetria: Tired of guys with casual courtship styles? Don't settle -- keep your standards high.


(The Root) —

“Did you see the New York Times article ‘The End of Courtship?’ over the weekend? Do you think dating is dead, too?” –Y.M.

Yes, I did see the article, and no, I don’t think dating is dead, but based on that article, I do think common sense, basic standards and self-esteem might be on life support.

Frankly, all but one of the anecdotes in Alex Williams’ piece read like a series of case studies for He’s Just Not That Into You. The women interviewed seemed to conclude that “proper” dating is dead based on their interactions with men who were clearly and obviously not into them — hence why they got offers to hang out, hook up and stop by at wee hours for “whiskey and boxed macaroni and cheese.”

There has definitely been a shift in how people date and a rise in the casualness of it all, but even in this constantly evolving and confusing-for-most dating culture, I’d argue that there is no such thing as a man — one who is genuinely interested — not figuring out how to put his best foot forward when it comes to getting to know a woman. He may fumble and stumble, but an interested man will make some effort. If he’s not making any effort, he’s not all that interested. You shouldn’t be dating him anyway.

The only person included in the article who seemed to get that was Cheryl Yeoh, 29, who figured out that the way to go on proper dates was to accept only proper offers. Yeoh goes to plays and fancy restaurants and receives red roses from suitors, all the stuff that the other women in the article would like to experience. Yeoh insists that guys schedule a date with her a week in advance, which is a little extreme, but clearly not unreasonable — and, more important, it’s working. Don’t ever underestimate the power of having standards, and don’t engage people who won’t or can’t or just have no desire to meet them.

For all the dating and relationship articles about women needing to compromise more or lower their standards, I find that one of the biggest problems among my clients is that standards aren’t high enough. Somehow, many women have been “okey-doked” into thinking that they should just accept any ole man and any ole treatment and just be happy to have someone kinda, sorta interested.