'Scandal' Fans: Guilty by Association?

On social media, black women are being called hypocrites for loving ABC's home-wrecking heroine.

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Obviously, the disagreement around black representation -- and whether or not Scandal and the women who love it are "bad" -- won't be resolved by the time the show returns from a brief hiatus this week. The good news: The sanctified don't have to watch it -- they have Mary Mary. I hear it's back for a new season. All I ask is that the critics keep the Olivia Pope debate civil and fair and our character out of it.

Kellee Terrell is an award-winning, Chicago-based freelance writer who writes about race, gender, health and pop culture. Terrell is currently working on her MFA in screen directing at the Columbia College of Chicago. She also blogs about health for BET.com. Follow her on Twitter.

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