Anthony Mackie Loves His Anonymity, for Now

The Gangster Squad star has stayed under the radar; playing a superhero in two new films may change that.

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TR: That sounds like a far cry from the inevitable big-budget push of a blockbuster such as The Avengers. Ready for the media blitz that movie will get?

AM: I love my anonymity. The problem is, there are certain stories I want to tell, and the film industry isn't making those movies we enjoyed in the 1990s and early 2000s. People are saying there'll never be another Denzel; I'm saying there'll never be another Morris Chestnut!

You have to garner a certain amount of celebrity to tell those stories -- love stories and victim stories and fallen-angel stories. We should make those movies ourselves, [but] if you get hired to ghostwrite a script or write on a TV show, you're making a lot of money, so why work for free when you have a mortgage?

That's the negotiation a lot of people have fallen into that I stay away from, because I don't have a $75,000 car note and a mansion or a YouTube channel where I'm throwing money at chicks. I live in New Orleans; I drink daiquiris and go fishing. When you live a modest lifestyle, you can have a modest approach to your job.

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