Another Chemist Accused of Evidence Tampering

The incident follows a similar accusation last month, in which a Boston crime-lab chemist was indicted.

Digital Vision/Thinkstock
Digital Vision/Thinkstock

Last year in Massachusetts, thousands of criminal cases were put in jeopardy because of Boston crime-lab chemist Annie Dookhan, who has been accused of tampering with evidence. On Saturday, Sonja Farak was arrested and charged with similar activities in a drug case in the same state, reports Fox News.

State Attorney General Martha Coakley said Sunday that 35-year-old Sonja Farak of Northampton, who works at a lab in Amherst in western Massachusetts, was arrested Saturday. Officials say she removed a substance from a case file that tested positive for cocaine and replaced it with one that did not test positive. She’s also charged with possession.

Coakley says the lab contacted state police Friday to report a discrepancy in inventory.

Last year, a chemist at a Boston lab was accused of faking test results, putting thousands of criminal cases into question. She was indicted last month.

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