Wyatt Cenac’s 10 Best ‘Daily Show’ Skits

From an Obama-Huxtable comparison to tasting Swedish socialism, the outbound comic had us rolling.

Wyatt Cenac (ComedyCentral.com)
Wyatt Cenac (ComedyCentral.com)

(The Root) — Reports surfaced last month that funnyman Wyatt Cenac‘s final appearance on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart would be on Dec. 13, the last episode before the show goes on hiatus for the holidays. The details of what’s next for the comic or reasons for his departure from the Comedy Central program that he has starred on since 2008 have been a little fuzzy. Yet if we are to believe a photo tweeted by ABC’s senior White House correspondent Jake Tapper, the faux-news show may have already found Cenac’s replacement: a puppet.

But before Cenac loyalists take to the streets in mournful protest, cheer up. The Root has compiled a list of 10 clips that we consider to be his most hilarious Daily Show skits.

The Thin Jew Line

The Stockholm Syndrome, Part 1. Watch Part 2 Here

The Hurt Talker

Slim Thug Feels the Recession

A SeaWorld of Pain

Bird Like Me

Barack Obama Is Cliff Huxtable

Dreaded Bliss

Too Big to Mail

Pork or Parents

Brett Johnson is The Root’s associate editor.